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Monitor My Fone Review

What I found

While using TrackMy Fone, I found it is actually a somewhat helpful merchandise with characteristics that will gain anybody seeking for a qualified parental management program. This software can log some types of tasks for example calls, texts, e-mails, sites visited, social networking use, etc. Moreover, it provides graphs and reviews offering a listing of the game from the goal phone. The parental control feature causes it to be simple to view the web site bookmarks and limit the future phone from having the ability to get specific sites. In the event you’d like, it’s also possible to use TrackMy Fone to bar use of any program you might need. There is also a ordering attribute which will lock the future phone for numerous months.

Now, visiting the disadvantages of TrackMy Fone, I must confess the common user might find it almost impossible to make good use of all onpar GPS. The designers of TrackMy Fone did very well in regards to including top attributes for this particular spyware. Nevertheless, I Have got a feeling there isn’t much attempt to develop a class you’ll be able to use by all no matter their degree of relaxation with state-of-the-art technology. For me, this is a significant drawback because customers just make the most of characteristics that they are assured with.

If you are trying to find a less costly mobile phone spy software I’d recommend taking a look at Auto Forward Spy.

In studying TrackMy Fone from both exisiting and former customers It was learned this software is really “buggy”. People have reported these “bugs” to myself and our staff:

  1. Occasional uploads of texts
  1. Wrong Gps navigation supporting
  1. Inactive accessible tracks.

Although there have been more, they were likely the most prevalant.

Customer Attention

I found this review on TrustPilot (A trusted review site for customers).

“We posted as many as 5 tickets. The conventional answer there was a time 38 hrs. Poor! We tried calling the phone number online several occasions of this a few days just to hear a record proclaiming that nobody was prepared to answer the telephone which there company hrs were from “about” 10am – 5pm London time. Again, terrible.”

Functionality and dependability

Efficacy and dependability was poor at the finest. I found the software to work nicely somewhat a not overly well in others. The written text texting attribute, which is an essential in my experience and many individuals, submitted sufficiently but sometimes just occasionally. This clearly could be a big issue when you are trying to keep tabs on a household member you consider perhaps in harms way. There is anything annoying these days understanding.

Other functions, for instance, phone call record, GPS navigation monitoring, e-mail, pics and vids all appear to work fine but nothing really impressed me to the point where I look like yelling about this. The GPS navigation characteristic occasionally was wrong. I had the future phone sitting right alongside me or my desk yet the pushpin into the limelight was revealing the telephone was nearly 5 miles away.


Hunting inside my entire experience with using TrackMy Fone, I must confess this is a subpar choice for technology understanding individuals seeking for tons of characteristics as well as a high price tag. But, the normal user with limited technical comprehension should look for other alternatives which are easy to make use of regardless of getting all needed attributes.