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FlexiSpy Review

In regards to spy phone software developers you CAn’t leave out FlexiSpy. This software really does rate among the greatest when it comes to general functionality. The disadvantage is the fact that you almost require a PhD to set up and make use of the darn thing! But more on that later…

FlexiSpy comes in two basic bundles, the Extreme, which includes every attribute the software offers as well as the Premium, which is a paired down variant of the Extreme version.

The Premium version is very competent but for a price tag of $149.00, but for less than half the cash, you can do A LOT better with a less expensive software such as Highster Mobile or Auto Forward.

After examining the Premium bundle I found that most attributes worked as advertised with the exception of some omnipresent bugs. The SMS took quite a while to upload as well as the GPS wasn’t entirely precise. It was revealing the place of the phone nearly 1 mile away from where it really was and a number of the text messages didn’t upload.

The Extreme variant offers all the characteristics of the Premium plus call record and listen to atmosphere. These added attributes come with a hefty price tag though. The Extreme variation cost a whopping $349.00! For all those of you where money is no object this can be an excellent option for you. But for me, I’d preferably be somewhat more frugal and go with a more affordable software or a different application entirely.

Though FlexiSpy offers all essential characteristics, anyone looking to buy this software should note that some innovative features offered by other applications aren’t accessible FlexiSpy. Sadly, this program will not have some blocking alternative when it comes to programs, sites, contacts, and amounts. Additionally, this software does not have any choice for notifications in the event the target device has any improper content in it.

While using FlexiSpy, I also believed the originators of the program have disregarded the demands of the common man with no or limited exposure to innovative technology. User friendliness is just one of my fundamental expectations out of any technology because there are lots of future users which are not technology savvy.

Discussing the cost, I think the cost of FlexiSpy is on the higher side compared to another spyware programs. There’s absolutely no doubt in my head that $350 is a bit too high a cost for what this software offers.

There’s no denying the reality that FlexiSpy is a adequate mobile spying software with all essential characteristics. Nevertheless, there are lots of similar applications in the marketplace which are more affordable and more user friendly.