I disconnected my cable a few months ago to save money and redirect my attention towards activities that promote personal growth. I was able to obtain my goal for personal growth yet I still wanted to watch TV. I decided to search through Netflix in hopes that I would find something entertaining. Well, I did find an amazing show called “Blacklist.”

I have never found a “must” watch show before so for me this was new and exciting. Each episode is full of action, suspense and mystery. Besides having a brilliant plot, each episode concludes with one of the world’s most dangerous criminals being apprehended. The acting is superb and captures your imagination. Each actor embraces their character as if they themselves are the person they are portraying.

Blacklist is a series based on an American government agent gone rogue. His quest to expose other most wanted dangerous criminals will rattle the FBI to its core. After being on the run for many years he turns himself in on the grounds he will work for the Feds but will only speak with agent Elizabeth Keen.

After the first episode, I was immediately hooked to say the least. One of my favorite actors, James Spader plays the role of Raymond “Red” Reddington a world class criminal. His character demonstrates strength, mystery and a bit a charm through his power with other blacklisters. By working with the Feds to bring down these elusive crime giants, he is able to keep a close eye on agent Keen. Whom he seemingly has no relation to or does he ?

Agent Elizabeth Keen is married to a man named Tom Keen. He holds a job as a teacher at a local elementary school. He seems like her prince charming but is he ? As the seasons continue a story of lies, betrayal and love emerges. Things begin take a turn for the worse a Raymond AKA Red begins to get closer to Agent Keen. Tom and Red have a secret they are hiding from Elizabeth. She soon will find out not everything is as it seems in her world.

Every actor in this series portrays their character so well you become emotionally attached to each one. I found myself captivated by the suspense of each episode. Leaving me wanting more and anticipating what will happen next. I must say, in my opinion the writing is above your average “Law and Order.”As for the other actors in this action packed series, they are equally outstanding.

Blacklist gets you thinking about life scenarios within our governments walls. Are the “crime giants” connected to our government ? Are they working together for the greater evil ? Is there a secret committee that has infiltrated our political system ? These are questions Blacklist inspires me to ask myself.

In my opinion this show is a must see. Like I mentioned before, the writing is superior and the casting is brilliant.  If I had to suggest a show for anyone to watch it would indeed be Blacklist.

It delivers suspense, excitement and curiosity with each plot. I suggest this show for anyone looking to disappear into a fictional world of crime and mystery.

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