FlexiSpy Review

In regards to spy phone software developers you CAn’t leave out FlexiSpy. This software really does rate among the greatest when it comes to general functionality. The disadvantage is the fact that you almost require a PhD to set up and make use of the darn thing! But more on that later…

FlexiSpy comes in two basic bundles, the Extreme, which includes every attribute the software offers as well as the Premium, which is a paired down variant of the Extreme version.

The Premium version is very competent but for a price tag of $149.00, but for less than half the cash, you can do A LOT better with a less expensive software such as Highster Mobile or Auto Forward.

After examining the Premium bundle I found that most attributes worked as advertised with the exception of some omnipresent bugs. The SMS took quite a while to upload as well as the GPS wasn’t entirely precise. It was revealing the place of the phone nearly 1 mile away from where it really was and a number of the text messages didn’t upload.

The Extreme variant offers all the characteristics of the Premium plus call record and listen to atmosphere. These added attributes come with a hefty price tag though. The Extreme variation cost a whopping $349.00! For all those of you where money is no object this can be an excellent option for you. But for me, I’d preferably be somewhat more frugal and go with a more affordable software or a different application entirely.

Though FlexiSpy offers all essential characteristics, anyone looking to buy this software should note that some innovative features offered by other applications aren’t accessible FlexiSpy. Sadly, this program will not have some blocking alternative when it comes to programs, sites, contacts, and amounts. Additionally, this software does not have any choice for notifications in the event the target device has any improper content in it.

While using FlexiSpy, I also believed the originators of the program have disregarded the demands of the common man with no or limited exposure to innovative technology. User friendliness is just one of my fundamental expectations out of any technology because there are lots of future users which are not technology savvy.

Discussing the cost, I think the cost of FlexiSpy is on the higher side compared to another spyware programs. There’s absolutely no doubt in my head that $350 is a bit too high a cost for what this software offers.

There’s no denying the reality that FlexiSpy is a adequate mobile spying software with all essential characteristics. Nevertheless, there are lots of similar applications in the marketplace which are more affordable and more user friendly.

How Mobile Phone Spy Reviews Can Help You Decide On the Best Phone Spy Software

So you have made a decision to put money into a few great cell phone spyware, and now you are wondering the way you can discover the most trustworthy applications out there. Seeking online will give you numerous choices of products that promise to be the very best phone spyware in the industry. While it’s great to have many options of merchandises to purchase, this may leave you quite bewildered and uncertain about which particular ones are safe to use. In this instance, the best thing for you to do is go over a handful of great mobile phone spy reviews to get the information which you require, such as phone spy characteristics, compatibility with mobile phones, and obviously, pricing strategies.

I am quite certain you do not enjoy the thought of having to spend hours reading various reviews and still end up unsure of what you should purchase. That is why I am writing this guide that will help you make a fast and great choice about the right mobile phone spy to purchase.

How Can a Mobile Phone Spy Work?

All phone spyware firms might have different methods to get advice on target cellphones, however they all use the exact same theory and fundamental process. The application must be set up on the cell phone to be monitored, and related information is obtained and then sent to the software company’s server, which you may subsequently get online. Usually, you may need to log on to the firm’s secure web site by means of a username along with a password of your choice.

For your mobile phone tracker to function, all these really are the fundamental necessities:

  1. The application has to be set up on a compatible cell phone. Additionally, you will want access to the phone to set up the application. Choose note this can’t be done remotely.
  1. The operating systems of the goal phone should even be compatible with the spy software. By seeing a phone spyware’s web site, you’ll notice a summary of all operating systems which are harmonious with the software.
  1. You can just download and install the applications in the event the goal phone is on the web.

Might It Be Legal to Use Phone Spy Software?

Yes…but with limitations. A lot of businesses will say you could use their cellular telephone spy software without any provisions. You shouldn’t consider such claims. Keep in mind you could just install this software on mobile devices which you legitimately own. Therefore, it’s legal to use it to track your kids and workers who are utilizing cell phone that you have. Otherwise, there will be some serious legal consequences.


Checking out various phone spy reviews before buying one isn’t more or less locating the most moderately priced cell phone spy software. More to the point, reading reviews can help you identify which products will satisfy all your monitoring needs.

Easy Spy Review

Easy Spy is an extremely strong cell phone spy software. It’s among the very innovative cell phone tracking and monitoring applications used to confidentially record text messages or track call info from a given cellular apparatus. True to its name, Easy Spy is everything it suggests.

Simple Spy allows you to really see text messages, calls, GPS, social media and much more all without having the phone in your possession.

Easy Spy is quite easy install either through over the air links (OTA) or by directly transferring the program from your personal computer to the goal cellular telephone through USB cable or via Bluetooth connection. In my Easy Spy review, I am going to reveal to you all you should understand about Easy Spy and if it’s appropriate for you.

Cell phone spy software is a practical program which can be utilized to track economically any person’s activities or movements often. In case you would like to desperately get spy cell phone applications, look for it in online stores or install the immediate download supplied on our webpage. With the increase in value in texting in children’s lives, parents have worries about texting during course, online predators and sexting, simply to name some.

Significant to Understand

A number of the attributes are not accessible for telephones that run on Windows Mobile or Symbian operating systems. This really isn’t really significant as those mobiles are not really common, but you should take it into account if your phone runs on those systems.

Easy Spy Review Summary

Easy Spy proved to be an extremely competent and dependable mobile phone spy software. While keeping the price to a minimum – $69.99 – the programmer managed to things this application full of the most popular features anyone would need in a cell phone monitoring app.

Operation and Dependability

Easy Spy operates marvelously in the phone’s background, transmitting the advice as it is created. Because it is constantly on stealth mode, it is totally invisible and undetectable.

Customer Support

In the event of doubt or question, simply call their technical support. For those who own a dilemma or a request, you open a support ticket with all the business and they are going to solve it, generally within 24 hours.

Ease of Use

Anybody who has used a phone can install and use Easy Spy. There isn’t any requirement for profound knowledge or hardware. The interface is simple to browse with and you will be receiving the advice you are seeking effortlessly.

Easy Spy Review Bottom Line

Simple Spy is dependable, secure, unobtrusive and simple to set up and use. You get an array of characteristics which will surely assist you in making better choices. It is compatible with pretty much every smart phone in the industry. In case you are thinking about getting cellular parental control software, we can not advocate Easy Spy firmly enough. Supported Devices Easy Spy is dependable, secure, unobtrusive and simple to set up and use. You get an array of characteristics which will surely assist you in making better choices. It is compatible with pretty much every smart phone in the industry. In case you are thinking about getting cellular parental control software, we can not advocate Easy Spy firmly enough.

Monitor My Fone Review

What I found

While using TrackMy Fone, I found it is actually a somewhat helpful merchandise with characteristics that will gain anybody seeking for a qualified parental management program. This software can log some types of tasks for example calls, texts, e-mails, sites visited, social networking use, etc. Moreover, it provides graphs and reviews offering a listing of the game from the goal phone. The parental control feature causes it to be simple to view the web site bookmarks and limit the future phone from having the ability to get specific sites. In the event you’d like, it’s also possible to use TrackMy Fone to bar use of any program you might need. There is also a ordering attribute which will lock the future phone for numerous months.

Now, visiting the disadvantages of TrackMy Fone, I must confess the common user might find it almost impossible to make good use of all onpar GPS. The designers of TrackMy Fone did very well in regards to including top attributes for this particular spyware. Nevertheless, I Have got a feeling there isn’t much attempt to develop a class you’ll be able to use by all no matter their degree of relaxation with state-of-the-art technology. For me, this is a significant drawback because customers just make the most of characteristics that they are assured with.

If you are trying to find a less costly mobile phone spy software I’d recommend taking a look at Auto Forward Spy.

In studying TrackMy Fone from both exisiting and former customers It was learned this software is really “buggy”. People have reported these “bugs” to myself and our staff:

  1. Occasional uploads of texts
  1. Wrong Gps navigation supporting
  1. Inactive accessible tracks.

Although there have been more, they were likely the most prevalant.

Customer Attention

I found this review on TrustPilot (A trusted review site for customers).

“We posted as many as 5 tickets. The conventional answer there was a time 38 hrs. Poor! We tried calling the phone number online several occasions of this a few days just to hear a record proclaiming that nobody was prepared to answer the telephone which there company hrs were from “about” 10am – 5pm London time. Again, terrible.”

Functionality and dependability

Efficacy and dependability was poor at the finest. I found the software to work nicely somewhat a not overly well in others. The written text texting attribute, which is an essential in my experience and many individuals, submitted sufficiently but sometimes just occasionally. This clearly could be a big issue when you are trying to keep tabs on a household member you consider perhaps in harms way. There is anything annoying these days understanding.

Other functions, for instance, phone call record, GPS navigation monitoring, e-mail, pics and vids all appear to work fine but nothing really impressed me to the point where I look like yelling about this. The GPS navigation characteristic occasionally was wrong. I had the future phone sitting right alongside me or my desk yet the pushpin into the limelight was revealing the telephone was nearly 5 miles away.


Hunting inside my entire experience with using TrackMy Fone, I must confess this is a subpar choice for technology understanding individuals seeking for tons of characteristics as well as a high price tag. But, the normal user with limited technical comprehension should look for other alternatives which are easy to make use of regardless of getting all needed attributes.

MobiStealth Review

Welcome to the most legitimate and trusted on-line review for MobiStealth cell phone spying software. As most of you already understand, there isn’t any lack of spying programs that could monitor just about all actions of a target apparatus. Yet, like every other product, all of them aren’t made the same manner. Fully being a active merchandise reviewer, I’ve had the chance to make use of nearly all popular applications. In this review, I’ll discuss the main points about MobiStealth to provide you useful input signals relating to this product.

At the very start, I would like to assure you all that MobiStealth is rather a helpful product to determine what your children are doing with their Smartphones. It supplies all fundamental characteristics including the tracking of text messages sent and received, calls made and received, e-mails, sites visited, actual place of the phone, etc. It’s also a great program for parental management as it can certainly be utilized to block the sites which are being obtained by the target phone. MobiStealth’s obstructing attribute offers 150 content types including nudity, tobacco, booze, and a lot more.

In spite of these useful features, I wouldn’t categorize MobiStealth amongst the very best in the industry. While using this software, I found that this software isn’t in any way simple to make use of for someone who has limited understanding of mobile phones and computer. The setup procedure for the applications includes downloading it from the web site as well as the procedure might have been considerably easier. Frankly speaking, I’ve reviewed many similar products which are a lot easier to make use of.

MobiStealth additionally lacks in relation to specific solitude attributes that folks look for. For instance, this software cannot lock or wipe the goal phone from a distant place. In addition, it’s not possible to block calls and messages from a specific amount while using MobiStealth.

To stop this review, I’d reiterate on the stage that MobiStealth is a decent product. Nonetheless, this isn’t the best choice unless you’re a technologically updated man.